SWTOR Confessions: I Haven’t Completed the Rakata Prime Flashpoint

I haven’t done this flashpoint yet. What madness is this? A PvE, carebear queen has not done the essential ending to the three part Forged Alliances storyline? No, I have not. I actually did not complete any of my flashpoint weeklies last week, but I did do a whole lot of PvP, GSF, and operations.

Of course, there are spoilers galore on Twitter, so I already know what happens. Thankfully, I’m not terribly into the lore and story of the game, which you might think is a shame, but I really do enjoy simply killing stuff in-game.

In my previous SWTOR Confessions post, I had not decorated my stronghold yet. Guess what? It’s still not decorated. I did one of the hallways in my Dromund Kaas apartment, and it’s filled with posters of bosses I’ve downed and one Krayt Skull, which looks pretty cool. Hopefully one day I’ll be motivated to decorate, because it definitely helps to have the bonus to my conquest points.

Do you have any SWTOR Confessions? Let me know in the comments, tweet me @Heather_PLS or e-mail me at heather@prettylittlesith.com!

New Corellian Run Radio Episode & Returning to The Republic!


Hey guys! I’ve been really busy taking over planets in SWTOR, but I also had a bit of time to install and play Hearthstone and Skyrim this weekend too.


In between all this, I did record a new episode of Corellian Run Radio! Click here to listen to me and Jason talk about guild conquests and how I thought my guild Despair was going to lose 1st place! (We ended up winning Tatooine big time with over 17 million conquest points.)


In other news, I will be back on The Republic on GAMEBREAKER.tv this week on Thursday with Redna and Larry Everett! Make sure you tune in to the live show, but I will definitely post the YouTube video here on the blog when it’s available as well.

Happy gaming! (FYI I did this all on my iPhone 5s and have no idea if images are centered. Probably not.)

PvP Series: Gear Upgrades & Ranked PvP Guilt

I admit I took a really big break from warzones and arenas and stunted my progress earning PvP gear. For those of you reading the blog for a while, you’ll know that my initial goal with my “PvP Series” was to do enough PvP so that I was geared out and comfortable. You’ll be intrigued to read that so far this week after reset I have hardly done any PvE content (have not run any operations or tried the new flashpoint), but I have done a lot of GSF and Ground PvP.

I’ve been PvPing a lot more lately. I’ve been having fun in unranked warzones, and it’s exciting to see lots of medals and my damage/kills. I’m also trying to get used to using my taunt. I’ve recently been motivated to PvP by planetary conquests, earning more points that way, and participating in Season 2 Ranked in the final hour! I didn’t make it to the first or second tier, but I got the title and satisfaction that I participated. I only did 11 matches on the last day of the season. I think I could be even better if I started PvPing more and working on my gear again.

Last night I turned in some missions and had enough Warzone and Ranked Warzone commendations to buy some new gear! I traded in my Obroan offhand for a Brutalizer one (I already have a Brutalizer mainhand), and I now also have an Obroan four-piece Stalker set bonus. I still need to earn more commendations for Obroan gloves, belt, bracers, and I need to upgrade my implants, which are embarrassingly still Partisan.

I did step into Season 3 Ranked for a little bit last night with a few guildies, and we queued for group Ranked. I felt like my gear was really lacking. This makes me feel a little sad and guilty that I ran a few matches and lost. I don’t think I belonged in there without having the gear. I don’t want to go back into it until I have it. I don’t want to bring others down because I wanted to go in before I was ready.

As a player who does extremely well in most aspects of the game, it’s frustrating to not be as good as I want to be at something. It doesn’t help that unranked warzones don’t really prepare you that well for arenas either. I suppose I could start reading guides about my class (which I never do!) in Ranked PvP, but I usually like to learn things for myself in-game.

How Voice Comms Can Enhance Your Guild Experience

I read something the other day about how no one knows who you are in large guilds, that it’s not a welcoming environment or a place where you can develop and nurture friendships in game. My experience so far in Despair has not been this way.

A little story of when I first joined (pre-blogging!):  We were running some kind of group content, most likely a 16-man operation, with everyone in Mumble. My guild leader Filmadeus or some other officer decided to play a game and made everyone in the group introduce themselves to me, and I had to guess, by the short bio they provided and the sound of their voice, what their profession was. I will never forget this, because I had mistaken a helicopter pilot for a “banker,” which I think at the time was absolutely hilarious to them. The guild quickly embraced me, and not even a month after joining I met one of my new guildies at the Seattle Community Cantina.

I’ve been in the guild now for more than a year, and I’ve written quite a few pieces on what it is like being in the guild, including: My Guild As A Communist Society and How I Joined Despair. However, I would also like to say how important voice communications are. I believe this is how we are successful, for a couple reasons, including efficiency and effectiveness in group content, getting to know each other, and building comradery. (I would also check out: How To Find a Guild: It’s Like Dating).

Obviously, not everyone likes to be in voice communications, but if you are doing group content with the guild, we will always request that you connect to Mumble. Members don’t always have to speak, but it is necessary if you are going to be in an operations group, to at least be able to listen to the ops lead. I can live without hearing my guildies while we do a flashpoint, but most likely we are already chatting with each other in Mumble. Voice communications simply make gameplay more enjoyable; you don’t notice that you’ve had to run Hammer Station twice in a row when someone is cracking jokes in your ears. Additionally, it is so helpful to be speaking rather than typing to someone in the middle of a warzone or arena. No one has time to type out a sentence while they’re getting attacked.

Also, if you can hear someone talk, it’s easier to get to know them, know what they like to do in-game, and more easily be able to form groups for things. Thus, it’s easier to gather and motivate everyone to work towards a common planetary conquest objective. Personally, I keep the Mumble overlay on my game so I can memorize a voice and personality with a name I can see visually.

There are few exceptions to people that I’m extremely familiar with that don’t speak in Mumble (hello Zissou and Jurckad), but otherwise, if you aren’t in the channel, it’s really difficult to get to know who you are. This is fine, but I wouldn’t complain about your guildies not knowing who you are if you never familiarize yourself with the majority using Mumble. No one has complained about this as far as I know, but we have had a huge influx of new members since the advent of planetary conquests.

I highly recommend for guilds to use voice communications. Even if you are not actively running an operation, warzone, flashpoint, etc., it helps so much to get to know your guildies and to plan, strategize, and talk about things in and outside the game. I think you will find that the guild is strengthened, people are less flaky, and you will enjoy playing with your guildies more.

Grinding For Conquest Points

My guild Despair has conquered CZ-198, its third planet in a row! How exciting! I’m especially thrilled because, while I still did not get a full week of gameplay (and I’ve been uncomfortably sick), this is the first week I’ve been able to hit my individual conquest goal, due to my computer being in the shop and going on vacation since Strongholds has been out.

As someone with only one character that I regularly play, hitting my conquests points goal of 25,000 this week was pretty easy. I completed it with a combination of group finder operations, flashpoints, crafting, planetary heroics, and more.

However, I did have a guildie that was trying to reach his goal on his fifth or sixth toon Sunday. That is a lot of grinding. Of course I helped, along with a few other guildies, and we queued for a lot of ranked and unranked PvP matches. I admit I did lose a lot of matches (carebear forever?), but in one match that we won I did blow everyone away at the top of the board with the most damage and kills, so that was a point of pride for me during the night! I picked up a new piece of PvP gear last night too, so I’m getting closer to having a full set. It’s almost about time for me to work on another outfit, because I don’t want to look funny when I go into a warzone or arena.

Simultaneously, I suggested that we complete the heroic missions on Makeb and get the 250 NPC kills while we were there. We also ran a few flashpoints and completed Toborro’s Courtyard in 8-man SM earlier in the day.

My guildie did end up making his conquest goal yesterday, so I don’t think it is unattainable to hit the threshold given an entire week. I don’t think it is as much of a grind to spread it out over a few days, and it’s fun having another incentive and goal in the game to play something you like. It is also definitely very helpful to be flexible in what you like to do in-game and to be ready and able to do anything. My guild is pretty active, and there are always groups forming up for something, whether it is for a quick operation, GSF, flashpoints, etc.

We are still winning, and I don’t believe for a second that my guildies are worn out. I think they are having a lot of fun with this new expansion being rewarded for things they already like to do, and I think that is one key to success that we have.

Playing The Sims 4: First Impressions


The first gaming computer I ever had was built specifically for The Sims 3. This was back in 2008, and I was so excited to try out the game on my new computer! (I have replaced EVERYTHING in my gaming rig since then). Unfortunately, I did not actually enjoy The Sims 3 as much as The Sims 2. I did not like the open world and preferred loading into different lots, and I also thought it was very messy and not as mod-friendly as The Sims 2.


My self-Sim mourning her husband’s death.

One really, really horrible thing that happened: I didn’t realize that my print-screen button was not capturing screenshots until it was too late. The keybind for taking pictures in The Sims games is “C” which I completely forgot. I missed a lot of pictures where my self-Sim and her husband are younger, caring for the babies, and basically situations that I can’t reproduce once they are dead and the game is saved. Next post I do will have better pictures, but I’m a bit sad that I made this mistake.


The older son watching the Grim Reaper take his dad away!

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Corellian Run Radio Episode 125: Conquesting We Will Go!

I’m actually a few days behind on announcing the new episode, but it’s a really good one! On the show Jason and I interview Filmadeus, guild leader of Despair on the Harbinger, a guild that has already conquered two planets so far since Galactic Strongholds has been out! Filmadeus gives some good tips and advice for other guilds and leaders regarding planetary conquests.

We also feature another guild in our Guild Ready Check Segment, Remnants of Hope, on the Jung Ma server!

Click here to listen to Episode 125 of Corellian Run Radio!

Guest Hosting The Republic on Gamebreaker.tv!

I’m back from vacation with a working PC! It turns out that the issue with the overheating CPU was that the pumps for the water cooler were no longer working and had to be replaced. Conveniently, I was able to pick up my computer today right after coming home, which is perfect because of an upcoming, important event!

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow night, Thursday, September 4th at 6:00pm PST I will be guest hosting The Republic, a Star Wars The Old Republic show, for Gamebreaker.tv . The best part is that I get to work with Larry Everett, who you may know as the Hyperspace Beacon columnist for Massively, and Redna from OotiniCast, who is also new and guest hosting this week as well!

If you want to watch or participate in the live chat, here is a link you can go to. However, you will also be able to view the final version of the video on Gamebreaker.tv and YouTube following the live show.

EDIT: Here is the YouTube video of the show! Enjoy!

PC is Still in the Shop!

Last week my computer started making some noise that I decided to ignore. That was a bad idea.

After a few matches of PvP on Saturday, my game was going extremely slow. Of course, I blamed the game because my computer is amazing! My guildies suggested that I restart my computer, and I reluctantly agreed. After all, with the new SSD my computer loads extremely quickly now! When I restarted, a screen came up that said my CPU was overheating.

The horror.

I immediately stopped using my computer and panicked about what it could possibly be. Is the fan broken? The water cooler?!

The next morning I brought it to the PC repair shop I went to last time my computer went wonky, which seems to horribly happen a lot to me. Currently, it’s still there, and I am typing this on my iPhone 5s.

I just wanted to keep you guys updated, for those that didn’t see my frantic tweets about my broken computer or listen to the SWTOR Galactic Gamers Coalition podcast on Sunday, which I recorded on my phone. I will be busy this Labor Day weekend, so my next post might be next Wednesday, or sooner if I find some extra time!

I do have some exciting news (hopefully) on another super secret project, but I will tell you all about it next week!

SWTOR Confessions: I Haven’t Decorated My Stronghold Yet

Game Update 2.9, Galactic Strongholds, has been out for a few days already, and I’ve logged almost every day since then. I have not decorated my stronghold yet.

I, a girl that likes to build and decorate houses in The Sims, who likes to casually role play (in-game), who had a beautifully interior designed condo in real life—have not decorated my house.

What madness is this? Every time I go to my Dromund Kaas apartment, I become overwhelmed. I don’t want to log into all my characters to get all the starter furniture. I don’t want to craft anything. I don’t want to spend any credits. I don’t feel like decorating.

And yet, I feel guilty that I should be contributing to my guild, which is doing quite well in the planetary conquests without my stronghold contribution. I feel guilty that I’m not playing part of the game. I feel guilty that this is the newest, shiniest SWTOR content, and it makes me panic looking at hooks and deciding what decoration or piece of furniture goes where.

Eventually I will get to it. I’m going to log in now and stare at my empty apartment a bit more, maybe until someone asks me to do something that requires killing opponents.